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£30 Physical Gift Voucher

Give the gift of a life time skill gained through a hands on foraging experience! This gift voucher can be redeemed against any foraging experience unless otherwise specified. For more information about events, please visit the events sections of the website, or Facebook for all of the latest information.


This physical gift voucher which will be posted out to you within two working days. Details for redemption will be included on the voucher. 


- What to Expect From A Wild Food Foraging Walk -

  • You will learn how to correctly identify wild edibles, which can include flowers, fruits, foliage and fungi.
  • How to forage safely and within the law.
  • How to act sustainably when out and about.
  • How to use wild food in the kitchen, including tips on how to prepare, store and preserve them and make the most of your harvest.
  • We'll also look at the medicinal and nutritional benefits of the wild edibles we come across.

£30 Physical Gift Voucher

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